The Fastest Telegram Uniswap Sniper

Experience seamless and lightning-fast trading with our free-to-use Telegram bot.

Elevate your trading with Unibot for free

Swaps and snipes using Unibot incur a 1% fee.

Lightning-fast Multi-wallet Swaps

Experience lightning-fast token swaps with the convenience of using multiple wallets simultaneously. Effortlessly sell your tokens by simply selecting the desired token from a user-friendly list.

Lightning-fast Private transactions

Trade tokens securely and swiftly with lightning-fast private transactions, protecting yourself from front-running and sandwich attacks. Buy and sell tokens confidently, knowing that your transactions are shielded from these unwanted practices.

User Friendly Method Sniper

Snipe tokens on launch by simply entering a token contract. Use our ERC-20 launch scanner channel to see new tokens as they are deployed. Click a button from the scanner channel to automatically import that token to the sniper.

Comprehensive Mirror Sniper

Effortlessly mirror the snipes and frontrun buys of fellow traders. Simply create a list of trader wallets you want to copy trade, and begin mirroring their trades with ease.

Getting Started

To begin using Unibot, message /start to @unibotsniper_bot. This will register you through your Telegram account. Proceed to fund the provided wallets and embark on seamless swapping and sniping. For a comprehensive understanding of all our features, watch our quick 5 minute or less tutorials.

Tutorial Shortcuts:
1: Getting Started
2: Multi-wallet Fast Swaps
3: Private Txn Fast Swaps
4: Mirror Sniping & Copy Trading
5: Token Value Monitor
Misc: Linking wallets for token holders

Unibot Token

Token holders are eligible for discounted swap and snipe fees based on the number of tokens they possess. To enhance transaction speed and reduce congestion, our trades and snipes are executed simultaneously on multiple private nodes. For non-holders, transactions are sent through 3 private nodes by default, while token holders enjoy the advantage of up to 7 private nodes, depending on their token holdings. This ensures swift swaps regardless of the geographic location of the mining node. Additionally, our private transactions are sent to every private MEV relay simultaneously, guaranteeing the fastest private transactions possible. Token holders also gain access to an additional private relay. Certain features that cannot accommodate a large user base will require a specific number of tokens. Furthermore, we have plans to introduce revenue sharing for token holders in the near future.

This forum is now open to holders with a minimum of 200 tokens. They are invited to participate in discussions focused on feature development and collaborate to enhance existing features.

⁍ Token Name: Unibot (UNIBOT)
⁍ Autoburn: 0.2% per hour
⁍ Tax: 5%